School Policies

The Montessori Schools' policies and procedures provide for the sound management of the School as well as the safety of students, staff and resources.  They are developed by school management taking into account our school philosophy, the Department of Education Services requirements and guidelines from AISWA.  All our policies are ratified by the School Council.

A selection of key school policies is available on this website.  Please contact the School Administration for a full list of Policies.

Child Safety Policies

The Montessori School, its teachers and the School Council have a duty to provide reasonable care for all students, at all times that the students are within their care. The School ensures that it employs competent teachers and provides a safe working and learning environment. Teaching staff have a duty to students to take reasonable care to protect them from a known or reasonably foreseeable risk of harm and/or injury. Teaching staff will therefore take such proactive measures as are reasonable to prevent harm and/or injury to a student.