Our secondary school caters for students from 12 to 18 years of age in two classroom areas.  

  •       Lower Secondary (12 - 15 Years)

  •       International Baccalaureate (16 - 18 Years) 



Lower Secondary

As the students transition from childhood to adolescence, their needs change. The focus for the adolescent students is on the development of the personality, on moral and social development and their preparation for participation in society as future adults, both through theoretical knowledge, and practical experience. Our programme is designed to cater to those needs.

The lower secondary school programme of our school is building on the foundation of a Montessori education. It is therefore predominantly aimed at students that have been taught in accordance to the Montessori philosophy, but we have also welcomed students from a variety of different education paths such as international students, home schooling and other alternative primary schooling. 

Our classroom houses the Lower Secondary (LS) and the Year 10 (Pre-IB) group. The capacity of the classroom is up to 25 students. LS is run as a multi-aged classroom and, apart from core subjects, they are joined by the Pre-IB students for all other classroom activities.

As in primary school, the environment in the lower secondary school programme is carefully prepared to cater for the needs students have at this stage of development, such as personal-expression, social interaction, opportunity for solitude, participation in economic endeavours as well as expert learning.

The Montessori School has been granted approval by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority to use the Montessori National Curriculum as alternative curriculum. The Montessori National Curriculum for secondary school is designed as a three-year cycle for a multi-aged classroom. It is informed by Montessori’s ‘Plan of Study and Work’. 

The plan offers a framework that underlines the interdependency of everything that surrounds us, and is opposed to the idea of breaking learning up into small disciplines. It also encourages learning through problem-solving. Projects offered might have a focus in certain disciplines, but will all incorporate language, writing and mathematical thinking skills, as well as practical components and opportunities for personal-expression. 

The task of the adolescents is to develop their personality in the context of a social organisation. This happens through purposeful work that serves the community. It is the exposure to adult level interaction. We dedicate one morning a week to Micro-Economy and community service. Students rotate through our groups: Structure/ Food/ Farm/ Factory, where they get experience in business endeavours, food production, machine use and building skills, and animal care. Market research and product design, as well as hospitality and food technology are part of the projects offered. Physical work on the land, with its wider implications to the students understanding of food production and the mechanisms of society, is very important in a Montessori education.


The International Baccalaureate: 16 - 18 Years

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