Science Outreach Program in Upper Primary.

Two students from Curtin University came to deliver a science lesson to the Upper Primary students on Friday 4 August.

Building electrical circuits using snap-on kits. 

The circuits produced different siren sounds, made a fan spin and a light switch on.


Making lava lamps from bottles

water, food dye,oil, glitter and


Maths Investigation Activities

 in the Secondary

Science in the Pre-Primary

The children have been learning about electricity and here

one child is making an electrical current.

Pet Rabbit visits the Pre-Primary


Secondary Students from Beehive Montessori visit the School.

The secondary students from Beehive Montessori visited the secondary classroom to join in activities and share lunch.

Better Beginnings Library Programme in the Pre-Primary

Pre-Primary students enjoyed their learning experience about the Library when the Better Beginnings programme was presented to them.

Lower Secondary Drama.



August in the Pre Primary Classrooms

Pre-primary children have been interested in counting very big numbers.  They are slip counting by 1-'s up to 1,000!  The children have also been busy working on cube chains and participating in outdoor activities.

Lower Primary students - classroom activities.  

Carpentry skills - 7 year olds making a wooden box for storage.

  Assembling the goals for handball provided a real challenge!



Lower Secondary students trampolining at 'Just Jump' in Wanneroo.

55th Anniversary celebrations

This year is the 55th Anniversary of the opening of our school. A celebration was held on Thursday 29 June 2017, students, staff and parents were treated to a wonderful performance by the Urban Indigenous Dance Troupe.






Pre-Primary children have been busy helping with the baking of mini muffins to share for our 55th Anniversary celebration.


Pre-Primary children learning all about volume.

Children displaying the blanket that they have made of woven squares stitched together to be donated to Woodlake Aged Care.

Lower Primary children doing a snail presentation to the whole class.

Lower Primary students varnishing


Roman Arch

Pre-Primary children explored pattern making using the box of large squares.

Pre-Primary children observed the emergence of a butterfly from its chrysalis stage and watched on as it shed its final larval skin.

Pre-Primary children have been discovering the osmosis process in plants.


Upper Primary children have been busy planting self-grown native seedlings back into the bush land.  They were interested to see how big the plants that were planted last year had grown.



Pre-Primary students have been learning all about Africa over the past few weeks.  Even enjoying the sampling of some African melon and ginger conserve.


Pre-Primary children learning about the Osmosis process.

Lower Primary students enjoying planting activities in the bush land.


After a lovely walk through the bush with the Bush Committee members, Lower Primary children decorated their tables with wattle flowers.

Pre-Primary learning the value of money.

Pre-Primary children building a new step-ladder

Pre-Primary children using the trundle wheel learning to measure distance.

Pre-Primary children have been learning about growing mushrooms as a class project.

Lower Secondary - Woodworking skills - starting with the bench.

The progression of the wall painting.


Upper Primary students making paper cranes to commemorate the anniversary of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima - 1,000 paper cranes for the Hiroshima Peace Park.

IB CAS Project involved helping younger children to make cranes for the '1,000 Paper Cranes' anniversary of Hiroshima.

Pre-Primary student working the the large moveable alphabet.

Pre-Primary - Practical Life Jobs

Pre-Primary children participating in an Air experiment, pumping up a tyre.


Lower Secondary 'Occupations' group with the new goal in place and having a trial run.

Combined project with Upper Primary and Lower Secondary students using a knitting loom to make up a beautiful rug for the Aged Care Home.

Upper primary students honing their Badminton skills.

Lower Secondary Students engineered a capsule to hold an egg that would be dropped 2 metres.  Certain requirements had to be met 

  • 200 gs or under

  • 30 x 30 x 30 cms

  • Had to open and close to get the egg in and also out again.

Newtons Laws were utilised when designed!



The children have learned about the oceans of the world.  After naming the oceans one child decided it would be good to research animals found in those oceans so that they could be added to the map.  What beautiful independent, self-directed work.

Preparation for Mothers Day.  The children have been gathering lavender to make lavender bath salts for Mum.

Pre Primary child counting and writing numbers roll with the golden beads.

Lower Secondary Occupations for this week included gardening - planting of herbs and building - a new set of goals.

Bat Box Upper Primary Incursion was a wonderful hands on experience for the students.  The children embraced the power tools and amazed Joe (their tutor) with their skills and enthusiasm.  Can't wait to see some bats!



Pre Primary participating in leaf rubbing and learning about all the autumn colors during an art lesson.

Lower School boys mulching playground areas as part of 'occupations'

Upper Primary gardening incursion included garden bed preparation and the planting of herbs.

Joondalup Lantern Parade

Students learning pattern painting as a Maths activity.

Lots of Easter activities taking place in Lower Secondary and Upper Primary.  Activities include, blowing and painting eggs and little Leaf- bunnies.


Progress on the chicken run, it is nearly ready for its occupants.

Students enjoying a German Breakfast.

Pre-Primary students practicing walking the line.

Student busy completing the 1000 bead chain.

The school celebrated Harmony Day on Friday 24th March.  

The students enjoyed the wonderful displays of different cultures and sampling some different foods.



Pre-Primary students were keen to test out a saddle that Jane had brought to school.  A fun time was had by all!

Preparations underway for Lantern Parade


Lower Primary students attended an excursion to Cockman House recently.  The purpose of the excursion was for students is to experience the history of Cockman House and life during the first European settlement.


Cooking class, making healthy fruit icy poles.

LP students learning Papier-mâché, the project was