Pre Primary Classes

Have been busy finishing their woodwork project and putting together the mud kitchen.  The children had such a good time this term measuring, sawing, drilling, painting and then finally putting the whole project together with the assistance of Ray Coffey.

Lower Primary

Broad Bean salad.  Children fro the Lower Primary classes harvested broad beans from their garden.  They enjoyed the chopping, boiling and mixing.  It was a hit as the bowl was left empty.

Lower Primary 2 had a a very busy day making 10 1/2 metres of paper chains. Loom knitting for a blanket was also on the agenda.

Lower Primary

Trip to Perth Zoo - The magical Australian forest.  The children learned how to protect old trees that provide shelter for native animals and even got to stroke a skink! A wonderful day was had visiting the animals of Africa, Asia and Australia.

Lower Secondary

A sample of hand made items that have been for sale on Friday afternoons at the Thailand fundraising stall.


Pre-Primary Incursion 


Pre-Primary 2

Have been cooking a variety of potatoes this week.  The purple potatoes were a really big hit!

Lower Primary 2

Children in Lower Primary 2 building the binomial cube from the cubes and squares material.

Lower Primary 1 Performance

Lower Primary students performed a small play called ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’.  The children knew their lines and practiced very hard, they all moved like the animals and spoke very loudly and clear.  They invited Lower Primary 2 to watch and then we talked about books, characters and why stories have “mean” and “kind” characters and how it relates to real life.  The children really enjoyed the play and conversation with great input.

Pre Primary Incursion

A paramedic from St Johns Ambulance group came to school to talk to the children about being a paramedic and demonstrate the equipment.  The children had a wonderful time learning through this hands on experience.


Upper Primary

Boat building and birthday cake Lego jobs


Lower Primary

Constructing binomial cubes with cubes and squares material.

Lower Primary

Cooking - French Cassoulet (vegan) The recipe was very well received by the classes.


La Potee - French farmhuse soup - modified veg was cooked in class today.  The children enjoyed the soup and some even asked for the recipe.

IB Farewell

Lower Secondary Long Table 

Chinese cuisine Fried Rice and Nian Gao.


Whole School Sand Mural Incursion





Whole School Activity - Lake Walk



Upper Primary

2 students created a Lego rocket with the Lego job.

Pre-Primary 1

Having a lesson on cloth washing as the weather is warming up.       

Lower Secondary

Working on a draft for the sand mural


Lower Primary

Boat building

  Animals of the world

Puzzle Map - Orlando

Pyramid construction

Sport - Lower Primary 1 and 2 children organised stations to do activities during sport period.

Upper Primary

Some samples of Upper Primary students Great Projects    

Great Project on bees

Great Project on the brain

Great Project on Jane Goodall

Pre Primary 1

Learning about Art in symbols - the children looked at Aboriginal Art work and the animals that would have been drawn on the cave walls.



IB students on CAS painting project



IB CAS students - floor bed project



Upper Primary

Preparing for the Great Show.


Sewing lesson for the Great Show

Ironing lesson


Measurement length of the bunting.  Doing this job children learn and practice making patterns, lines, cutting, sewing and measurements (Math). The children have fun and are very engaged.

Pre Primary 2

The children are working with the cubes and squares making cubes of various numbers.

The girls are working on making additions in the thousand with the stamp job.

A boy is working on the landfoms.  The children pour water into the landforms and label them.  This job is enjoyed by all children in our room.


Working hard on the number roll.  This job is an exercise in place value and exchanging quantities.

Upper Primary

The children found two tawny frogmouth birds in the tree near the playground bars.  They were sleeping in a tree but woke after our playtime.  Frogmouth hunt like Kookaburras watching then pouncing on their prey.  They are the same size as Kookaburras


French Cafe



Lower Primary

Clay jungle.  It has a slide made from wood, a tiny lake with rocks around it.  The horse is drinking water from the lake.  There is a small spiky bush, a cave and some footsteps.  That is our jungle!


Father's Day Art Exhibition




Lower Secondary

'Open Mic' Night organised by Perth Individual.  Three of our students performed two songs and helped Lena performing another.



French Cuisine. 


Pre IB Longtable

Moroccan cuisine prepared by the students.

Moroccan Menua



Enjoying the end result.

Enjoying the end result

Upper Primary

Science experiments.  The Upper Primary students have been investigating how the canopy size of a parachute affects the time it w=takes to fall to the ground.


Magic Trick

Kinetic Sand Tree      Kinetic Sand Tree

The Sad Harper and his cat

The Sad Harper and his Cat

Lower Primary

One of the children brought in a Wood Louse from his garden.  He made a habitat of dirt, wood bits, leaves, water and gumnuts. 

We learnt that the common name for Wood Louse is a Slater and that the plural for Wood Louse is Wood Lice.

The children can now research and watch them at their leisure.




Clearing the path for the bushwalks - picking up Marri and Jarrah nuts so we can walk safely.


IB Formal 2018





Lower Primary Book Week Excursion


Lower Primary Cooking Day

French cooking.  The children cooked orange crepes.  They have been practicing counting in French and learning another vocabulary about and around our kitchen




Family SciTech Night 

What a great night we had at SciTech on Friday 17th August. It was wonderful to see so many of the school community in attendance. Both adults and students found lots of activities to enjoy, educate and entertain them. It's no wonder that everyone looks forward to this event each year,

Thank you to the P.P.S.C. for organising the event, the pizzas and the food. Not only do we enjoy going but they enjoy having us. At the end of the evening one of the SciTech Staff commented "Thank you for coming. Your school is easy to work with and your parents and students are a pleasure to have here".

More photos available on the School Notice Board.

Science Day Celebration




Lower Secondary Sport





Science Week experiment:  Volcanic eruption!



Creating beautiful tessalations


   Working on the 100 board together building patterns with the rods

Learning about the worm farm

Upper Primary


Upper Primary students have been busy planting out their new gardens.