Event Time Tuesday, 16th October 2018 from 9:30 am

Montessori Lake Walk on Tuesday 16 October 2018


Weather permitting, our annual Montessori Lake Walk will be held on Tuesday 16 October 2018. The long range weather forecast indicates that the weather will be fine but should the Bureau of Meteorology revise their forecast to weather conditions being unfavourable, we will advise parents as soon as possible. A cancellation notice will be placed on the website.

We would like to invite parents to join us as the whole school walks anti-clockwise, around Lake Goollelal.  Students will walk with their group and their own teachers, but parents are welcome to join us to walk with their child. 

We are not able to cater for guests so parents need to bring a drink for themselves and any siblings that will be going on the walk.

On Tuesday 16 October, the school day will start as normal and then the whole school will gather at the orange cones placed on the walkway near the notice boards, opposite the end of the walkway on Goollelal Drive (marked on the UBD map shown on the back) at 9:30am.  Cones will be placed on the walkway to indicate the meeting point. As students need to leave school and cross Goollelal Drive with their teachers, parents should wait at the cones for all school groups to arrive. Each group will leave from there and proceed around the lake in an anti-clockwise direction. 

There will be a rest stop and each student will be given a small fruit juice box.  Obviously this will be a long slow walk for the youngest children, but we will have plenty of time. Each group will then return to school at their own pace and with their own teacher.

We do ask that you do not bring dogs.

If you intend to join us for the walk, please notify your child’s teacher by Friday 12 October 2018.

Yours sincerely

Montessori School Staff